A Word From Robert Goodell Rappole, DVM

Having personally shared a bag of Father Bernard’s Blessed Biscuits with our own 13 year old, 26 lb. Corgi, Chloe, our 5 year old, 98 lb. Euro hound, Traveler, and our 11 year old, 74 lb., overly hairy, black dog named Indiana; I can happily confirm that Father Bernard’s Blessed Biscuits (F3B’s) are the best canine treats I have ever eaten.  Furthermore, our pets were very pleased with the taste and texture of Father B’s Biscuits.

We have found over the past 40+ years at our veterinary practice that most pet owners, ourselves included, love to spoil their pets.  Unfortunately, there are many unhealthy and even harmful “pet treats” online or at brick & mortar stores.

Father B’s Biscuits are made from human grade ingredients in a kitchen, not a factory.  The F3B’s are made with gluten free flour, all natural peanut butter, and non-fat milk.  Father B’s Biscuits are not designed to be a pets primary diet, but are a healthy, safe treat that will get a wag from your pet and help our community, as well.

Robert Goodell Rappole, DVM
Owner/President Moonbrook Veterinary Hospital, PC
Cornell ’74 & ‘78