A Word From Nicole Gustafson

Nicole Gustafson and her daughter

I am so excited to be part of the team at Father Bernard’s Blessed Biscuits. When Luke first approached me about the project, I was intrigued by the idea of assisting people in recovery in such a tangible way. As someone who has experience in both the social work and legal sectors, I’ve seen so many societal barriers that people in recovery run into when they’re trying to improve their lives, especially the benefits cliff and obstacles in obtaining stable employment. Father Bernard’s is unique in that it strives to meet various needs: employment, soft skills, leadership development, but also provides a welcoming, judgment-free environment where people can thrive.

Volunteering monthly at the FBBB booth at the Jamestown Public Market has been an integral part of the social enterprise’s development, and a chance at making memories for me and my daughter, Katie. She enjoys volunteering at the booth with me (mostly to see and pet the four-legged customers, with their owners’ permission, of course!) As a budding artist, she also draws and offers “thank you” pictures for patrons at the booth. I’m so happy that Katie is excited to help with this social enterprise, and hope that she carries this positive experience of volunteerism and offering her gifts to the world.